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AIT Web Hosting : AIT offers web hosting for windows & linux servers. Other types of web hosting offered are: ecommerce hosting, reseller hosting, collocation, asp hosting, web hosting automation & custom hosting. Our web hosting includes: free wap hosting, frontpage extensions, unlimited email and a web based control panel.

Forum Nokia : Welcome on the Nokia site dedicated to support mobile application developers with tools, SDKs and technical documentation on various platforms and technologies supported by Nokia mobile devices (Series 60 Platform, Java, WAP, MMS, SMS, Symbian, Bluetooth)

Free Webmaster Help : Learn how to create a site for the latest technology - WAP Phones - so that people can view your site from anywhere. (Free Webmaster Help) Part 1 - Introduction, Part 2 - Beginning A WAP Site, Part 3 - Adding Text, Part 4 - Hyperlinks & Images

Helyowap : SITE HELYOWAP - WML TUTORIAL (STATIC AND DYNAMIC PAGES); ARTICLES - TUTORIAL WML com programs comentados sobre construção de páginas estáticas e dinâmicas; Artigos sobre WAP

International Engineering Consortium : Tutorials: Broadband Access; Business and Strategy Issues; Electronic Design Engineering; Fixed Wireless; Mobile Wireless; Network Components and Design; Optical Technologies and Networks; OSS, Network Management, and Testing; Packet Networking; Services and Applications; Switching, Signaling, and Network Intelligence.

Juicy Studio : A comprehensive Wireless Markup Language (WML) tutorial from Juicy Studio.

Openwave Developer Program : Openwave SDK: SDK 5.1, 4.1, 3.2, For SDK 4.1 and SDK 3.2, 332 color palette (.pal): To determine which version(s) of the SDK to download, please read 'Choosing an SDK' to identify which environment best meets your needs. If you're a new developer, read the Getting Started section in the Technical Library ... Openwave WAP Push Library Java Edition 1.0 (Windows/Solaris: Approx. 8.4 MB) . The UA Counter Tool: UA Counter is a Java application that measures the types of browsers that hit a web site by reading through its web server log.

SysteManage : Wireless device programming is a fascinating new world for web application developers, and CF developers can not only easily learn how to do wireless programming (using WML and WMLScript), but you can also leverage all the power of ColdFusion to dynamically create WML and WMLScript code.

WAP Tutorial : WAP Tutorial: Introduction, Basic, Formatting, Links, Input, Tasks, Timer, Variables, Examples, Validator, Demo, Pages. References: WML Reference, Entities, DTD. Resources: WAP Books, Forum, Software.

WAPBrasil : Bem-vindo ao WAPBrasil - o Site da Comunidade WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) do Brasil. Aqui estão disponíveis o fórum de discussão nacional sobre WAP, coletânea de notícias sobre Internet Móvel, ferramentas para desenvolvimento de páginas WML, browsers e simuladores, etc.

WAPDrive : Free WAP site hosting, portal, emulator and gatway listings.

WML Tutorial : The Wireless Markup Language (WML) is the HTML of WAP browsers and is transmitted via the HTTP protocol. Files can be edited by any text editor (in word processors like Word save as text only) and should have the extension .wml.

WapWarp : WapWarp is a search engine for WAP related pages for use with both WAP and HTML browsers.

Wapua : wApua is a free (GPL) browser for WAP WML (version 1.1 and 1.2) web pages, which is written in PERL and uses libwww-perl as backend. The user interface is implemented in perl/Tk. It runs under Windows 9x and all Unix flavours.

WebEstilo : Manual de WAP WML. Aprenda WAP de una manera sencilla y facil.

Website META Language : Wml_intro: An introduction to WML's basic concepts. wml_tutorial: Understanding WML step-by-step. wml_macros: Writing macros for WML. wml_faq: Frequently Asked Questions on WML. wml_tags: Permutated index of defined WML tags.

Wireless Developer Network : The Wireless Developer Network offers free online training on topics such as Java, Palm, Windows CE, and WAP programming.

Zvon : WML Tutorial - Tutorials: CSS, CSS2, DTD, Namespace, RDF, Schematron, XLink, XML, XPath, XPointer, XSLT, CrossFire, Mozilla (XUL), Regular Expressions.




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